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7 Limiting Beliefs You Must Change to Succeed

To reach your biggest goals, you’ll need two things — a map and a motor. 90% of courses, books, podcasts and blog posts are maps. They give you the directions to reach a destination. But simply knowing what you need to do is not enough. Success also requires a motor — a driving force to push you forward. When […]

Successful People Think Like Buzz Lightyear. Here’s how.

No one succeeds at big goals that matter without failing along the way. So unless you survive the failures, you’ll never succeed at all. In this post, I’ll teach you a simple but crucial mindset shift to help you persevere through setbacks and challenges without giving up. Because people who don’t give up are capable […]

Ready to Quit Because Your Goal is Too Hard? Read This First.

Do you ever go to bed feeling like you’ve wasted your day? When you’re chasing a big meaningful goal, such as writing a book or growing a business, you’ll have seasons where your progress seems microscopic. Days like these can feel pointless. They drain you of your enthusiasm and tempt you to trade for an […]

The Art of Obtaining Useful Feedback: 5 Clear Steps to Follow

People love to give feedback. Maybe a little too much. But the good news is, you can get decent advice from unlikely sources if you know how to play the game. The secret is getting crystal clear on what you want to learn and asking very specific questions to find out how you’re doing. Here’s what […]

Crushed by Negative Feedback? Here’s the First Step You Need to Take.

Nothing kills enthusiasm quite like negative feedback. It can come from friends or from failure, and many success stories die young because people don’t know how to handle it. Consider this example. You wake up an hour earlier every morning for a month and use the time to write your first short story. You push past […]

Optimism Versus Pessimism: How to Strike the Crucial Balance

It’s the tension as old as time — the naïve Optimist versus the hesitant Pessimist. When these two mentalities butt heads, as they’re seemingly obligated to do, it can be difficult to decide which to listen to. The Optimist tells you anything is possible. Your goals, even the big ones you dream about but never […]

Every blog needs a first post — so let’s get this over with.

This post exists because one day I got fed up with my life. On paper, I was killing it. I racked up top internships, graduated summa cum laude, landed a management position in a health organization, and wrapped up my first year of work with an 8% raise. Work life was primo, but I was […]