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A Powerful Method for Replacing Self-Doubt with Confidence (Part 1)

We all struggle with self-doubt. We all wish it would go away. We all blame it for sabotaging us as we pursue our biggest goals. The funny thing is… Despite our obsession with the subject, most of us don’t know what self-doubt truly is. We think it’s a feeling. A nagging sense of inadequacy. A […]

3 reasons most people never reach their goals

Trivia time. Do you know why most people never reach their biggest goals? Which of these reasons would you pick as the primary culprit? The millions of people who never achieve their goals fail because they…. Aren’t smart enough Aren’t talented enough Aren’t connected enough Aren’t lucky enough None of the above Ready to make […]

14 Confidence Quotes to Help You Beat Self-Doubt and Achieve Your Goals

Do you ever go to bed mad at yourself because you spent all day avoiding your most important goals? As creatives, we all have things we want to make, launch, write, record — goals we long to achieve. But we tend to procrastinate. We don’t make daily progress. Some people call us lazy, but I don’t think […]

Here’s How to Make DAILY Progress Toward Your Goals

When you’re chasing a big goal, the kind that takes months or years to accomplish, your biggest enemy will be complacency — letting days or weeks go by without any forward motion. Most dreams aren’t shattered by a conscious moment of surrender. Rather, they’re quietly consumed by years of inactivity. Until the fatal day… When you stop […]

13 Success Quotes to Help You Reach Your Goals

Do you have big goals you long to achieve? One of the surest paths to success is imitating the people you admire. The 13 success quotes in this post will teach you the advantages of high achieving people. SPOILER: There’s nothing mysterious or secretive about these strategies. The truth is…normal people who consistently make winning choices […]

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Big Goals

Do you have big goals you long to achieve? Do you promise yourself someday you’ll get started? Someday you’ll make it happen? Someday the time will be right? There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” In this post, […]

This Healthy View of Failure Frees You to Learn from Your Mistakes

Have you ever walked into your CFO’s office holding a $6,000 invoice no one saw coming? In my first job after college, I directed a product development department that created group weight loss curriculums. After a few months in the position, I received a shocking invoice from our graphic designer. Turns out, I had misunderstood our […]

7 Limiting Beliefs You Must Change to Succeed

To reach your biggest goals, you’ll need two things — a map and a motor. 90% of courses, books, podcasts and blog posts are maps. They give you the directions to reach a destination. But simply knowing what you need to do is not enough. Success also requires a motor — a driving force to push you forward. When […]

Successful People Think Like Buzz Lightyear. Here’s how.

No one succeeds at big goals that matter without failing along the way. So unless you survive the failures, you’ll never succeed at all. In this post, I’ll teach you a simple but crucial mindset shift to help you persevere through setbacks and challenges without giving up. Because people who don’t give up are capable […]

Ready to Quit Because Your Goal is Too Hard? Read This First.

Do you ever go to bed feeling like you’ve wasted your day? When you’re chasing a big meaningful goal, such as writing a book or growing a business, you’ll have seasons where your progress seems microscopic. Days like these can feel pointless. They drain you of your enthusiasm and tempt you to trade for an […]